Foundations of Medical Education Course

The Foundations of Medical Education Course is designed to train a better instructor and provide consistency in instructor training. It is a required step become a more efficient clinical instructor.

The Foundations for Medical Education Course is built on a foundation of adult education principles. 

This course consists of a two day face-to-face attendance, which will take place in Al Awasi International Training Centre.

ُThe Foundations for Medical Education Course teaches the knowledge and skills required to:

  • Understand the nature of teaching and learning;
  • Understand the needs of individual learners;
  • Understand the awareness of the four domains of learning;
  • Undertake the various types of teaching sessions on the provider courses.
  • Facilitate small group discussion.
  • Deliver lectures effectively.
  • Use technology in medical education.
  • Facilitate teaching scenario.
  • Learning assessment.
  • Teaching scenario debriefing.
  • Skills teaching.

The course is accredited from the ministry of labour and human development and can be authenticated in ministry of foreign affairs.

A formative assessment will be conducted through out the course, full attendance is mandatory for certification. 

Good english language, as the instruction and assessment language is english.

Graduate from medical or nursing college or university.

Pass the selection and interview.

A tasks will be sent before the course, it’s important to prepare to teach the tasks in the course.

Full scholarships are available.

This program is designed for medical doctor and nurses who supervise trainee or teach in clinical or class setting.

To request further information or if you would like to discuss your individual circumstances prior to applying please do contact us:

Customer support

Tel: +249 99 562 6035

WhatsApp: +249 99 562 6035


How long is the course?

The course is two days, starting 0800 am to 0500 pm.

Is there a pre-course reading?

No, however a tasks will be sent to you after you complete the registration.

Is there an exam in the course?

No, but course certification will only be given to people how only attend the full course.

Is there an expiration date for the certificate?


Do I need to prepare to teach the tasks?

Yes, it’s important to prepare before the course otherwise your benefit will be minimal. 





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