Basic Surgical Suturing Course

As part of this one-day course, you will have the opportunity to explore a range of wound closure and suturing methods and learn the unique benefits and limitations of each wound closure and suturing technique that must be considered in each individual case.

At the successful completion of the course in surgical suturing, students will have the knowledge and skills to determine the best wound closure technique for each situation to achieve durability and simplicity.

This course consists of a one days face-to-face attendance, which will take place in Al Awasi International Training Centre.

Highlights of hands on topics:

  • Suture Instrument Overview
  • Interrupted Suture
  • Horizontal Mattress Suture
  • Running Horizontal Mattress Suture
  • Half Buried Horizontal Mattress Suture
  • Vertical Mattress Suture
  • Running Subcuticular Suture
  • Simple Running Suture
  • Simple Running Locking Suture


There is no expiration period for this certificate.

The course is accredited by the ministry of labor and human development and can be authenticated by the ministry of foreign affairs.

A formative assessment will be conducted through out the course, full attendance is mandatory for certification. 

Graduation from medical or nursing university.

After completing the registration and paying the course fees, you will receive the course reading material.

It’s highly recommended to prepare before the course by reading the course material.

45,000 SDG

This program is designed for individuals in the healthcare who manage wound closures either in operating theaters or in ant other setting. 

To request further information or if you would like to discuss your individual circumstances prior to applying please do contact us:

Customer support

Tel: +249 99 562 6035

WhatsApp: +249 99 562 6035


Is there a pre-course reading?

Yes, this will be sent after paying the course fees.

Is there an exam in the course?


Is there an expiration date for the certificate?


Do I need to take the course again after 2 years?


Do I need to read the course material?

Yes, it’s recommended to prepare before the course by reading the course material.

Can I pay in the course day?

Yes, however we can NOT give you the course material unless you pay the full amount and can NOT reserve the course seat for you also.

Payment method?

Cash or Mbok.


We will call you soon.

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